Smelling the danger: from Spanish Flu, 1916 to Coronavirus, 2020

The Drama Hub session on 29th June used draft educational materials from Chris Bolton, based on Chris Cooper’s play “Over the Top”, to consider ideas about: Using Drama to explore the current moment Using Drama to meet young people’s needs at this moment This discussion followed that at the May session.  See: The play […]

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The rule of cognitive dissonance in the creation of a ‘Democratic drama Classroom’.

Originally posted on enormousideas:
Introduction In this illustrative case study, I intend to explore the nature of cognitive dissonance within a democratic classroom. I am interested in interrogating the evidence created within a single drama lesson and in particular how a drama teacher facilitates a democratic environment within which participants can safely explore contrasting paradigms…

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Don’t forget the hanging baskets!

A reflection on a critical incident by Stacy Brown. In this piece, Stacy considers questions about the tension between a school’s implicit values and those of the individual teacher.  It complements her recent piece, ‘We miss you, Miss.’ Comments which offer constructive feedback on this reflective piece and/or suggestions for further supporting reading are very […]

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We miss you, Miss

A reflection on a critical incident by Stacy Brown In this piece, Stacy considers how a management decision at her school led her to look again at her priorities as a teacher. October 2018, it is a Wednesday. I am called into the office by my head of faculty. At that moment, given the current […]

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Losing your cool in the class

In this reflection on the workplace, Nathan Wyer takes a critical incident to explore questions about behaviour management and safeguarding. The critical incident occurred when I lost my temper with a class whilst taking a register. I got far angrier with the pupils than a teacher should within a classroom, and this led to me […]

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Reading Support 2020

Hi all, Just thought I should post some links to appropriate research readings. Further reading- Drama Related Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance (RiDE) Available here Davis, David with Chris Cooper (2014) Imagining the Real – towards a new theory of drama in education, Trentham Books Jackson, Anthony and Vine, […]

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